Jessica Mac Donna

Jessica Mac Donna started her culinary journey as a little girl growing up in the Dominican Republic, St. Martin and The Virgin Islands, watching the women in her extended family prepare meals. She studied Culinary Arts in New York City and worked as a pastry chef at one of the hottest cafes in Queens, NY, under the direction of Chef Jean-Claude Perennou- former executive pastry chef at the Waldorf Astoria. In 2010, she returned to the Virgin Islands where she continued to hone her skills at Havana Blue, one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in St. Thomas.

There are two things Jessica has always loved: to prepare “sabroso” (tasty) meals and to entertain. With Sabroso Restaurant, she wanted to create a chilled atmosphere where you could enjoy comfort food; surround themselves with great people; and enjoy some good island vibes. With the freshest ingredients and the comforts of home, her restaurant has attracted a strong, loyal and enthusiastic following.  

John de Jongh

JP de Jongh (Co-owner of Dimes & Nickels Apparel) is Sabroso Restaurant’s financial advisor.

A business consultant with experience in performance analysis, financial modeling, scenario planning, business development and strategic marketing, since joining the Sabroso team in 2016, JP has helped to bolster Sabroso’s financial stability and increase the restaurant’s cash flow.

JP earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from American University in Washington DC, School of International Studies.